A head start toward recovery

Looking ahead at Pre-hab

Pre-hab is a smart way to prepare for your upcoming operation and help ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible—and that your subsequent rehab is more effective.

Working with your doctor, we’ll customize a Pre-hab fitness program to improve your strength and endurance in the weeks leading to your scheduled orthopedic surgery, which will ultimately ease your recovery.

Think of Pre-hab like a short-term fitness program. Pre-hab starts weeks before your surgery. The first step is a one-on-one, hour-long consultation with a certified personal trainer at Westminster-Canterbury’s Fitness Center located at our scenic campus right on Chesapeake Bay. Your trainer will create a regimen specifically for you and show you how to use the state-of-the-art equipment.

We’ll want to know the type of surgery you’re having, as well as when and where it will take place. If you don’t have a referral form from your physician’s office, we’ll gladly contact them on your behalf to obtain one.

You can also make appointments with our trainer for follow-up support sessions, as needed. We even offer valet parking. Call us today at 757-496-1160 or email us so that we can tell you all about the requirements, options, limitations and fees of our Pre-hab program.

Click here for many additional home health care and Pre-hab-related resources.

”Because I went to Pre-hab, my recovery after knee surgery was faster and easier.” - B.V.

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