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Work At Home. Just Not Your Home.

Work At Home. Just Not Your Home.

A career that helps others as much as it helps you.

Without our skilled professionals, we would not be the highly respected, in-demand home health and home care agency that we are today. We believe that everyone who deserves a little help should have access to it—wherever they want it—and that the people who provide it should be highly valued and well-rewarded.

Do you want to build a career with an organization like ours? Would you like to explore the possibility of joining us in one of the many important roles that make us the agency of choice in our area?  For list of open positions, please click here.

Our employees are truly the heart of our organization. Here are some highlights from our employees.  


"I like the teamwork of our team.  I like the support and love I have from all my coworkers.  Always doing nice things for us and saying they appreciate us.  I heard great things about our company, so I wanted to be a part of it and grow old with Westminster Canterbury.  The care of our patients is one of the company's biggest strengths while keeping a high standard of care.  Absolutely the number one company to work for!  Best team and coworkers.  Great support and great bosses.  I love working here and I'm gonna retire here.  I only do a good job if my team does a good job.  So yes, I'm proud to say I work for Westminster Canterbury at Home." -Libby M.

"I love how I work mostly on my own, but I am never alone.  My coworkers are always willing to lend a helping hand and offer advice.  They are just a phone call away.  Rachel Jordan's enthusiasm about the  company during my interview was the number one reason I joined the organization.  She raved about the care that goes above and beyond.  It was almost too good to be true...but working here the past few months, everything Rachel said is provent to be 100% true.  Taking care of our patients and families to the best of our ability 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week is the company's biggest strength.  We establish strong bonds with our patients and families.  I love my job.  It's an honor and privilege to take care of our hospice patients and helping them remain comfortable while increasing their quality of life at home.  Westminster-Canterbury at Home is an amazing company who gives back to their residents, and takes care of their employees." -Amber T.

"Working in hospice feels like it suits my soul.  To me, death and dying suggest a deep respect for the life we are lucky to live.  Every single day, every interaction with patient or their family gives me reassurance that I am in the right place.  Teamwork, respect, and professionalism is one of our company's biggest strength.  I could not be more proud to work at Westminster-Canterbury at Home, I am honored to provide comfort to our patients and their families." -Liliya H.

"I enjoy feeling like an important member of the team.  I also feel that I am appreciated.  I was ready for a change, wanting to be able to be home with my children on the weekends and evenings.  I also wanted to be able to dedicate more of my time to my patients and their families the reason why I joined our organization.  I believe teamwork and communication is one of our biggest strengths." -Jackie G.

"The thing I most enjoy about working at Westminster Canterbury is the residents we get to care for daily.  The reason I joined our organization is for the reputation it holds all over VA.  Patient centered care is one of our biggest strength." -Tara H.

"I love the clients I work with and my coworkers.  I joined the organization to provide clients with the care they deserve.  One of Westminster-Canterbury at Home's biggest strength is keeping everyone safe.  I am very proud to work for Westminster Canterbury at Home." -Lauren W.

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"not only did they help me physcially, they helped me mentaly; they made me laugh, and I needed that!"  I have to admit she made me tear up a bit at that! ~C.C. Home Health
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